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Enterprise Architecture Advanced Concepts

This Enterprise Architecture Advanced Concepts course further extends your understanding of how to apply Enterprise Architecture (EA) theory and practice through the implementation of ongoing EA programs in public and private sector organizations. This training course is taught over four days, and its afternoon workshops cover the development of key EA program documents, including an EA statement of work, project plan, and training plan.

This course is the final course of the EA certification series. Taught over four days, each day consists of morning lectures, discussions, and afternoon hands-on documentation workshops. The afternoon of the final day is reserved for a final Enterprise Architecture examination. Those who complete this course will receive a completion certificate. Those who complete all three courses in the series (Basic Concepts, Applied Concepts, and Advanced Concepts, and who successfully pass the in-class exams, will also receive the Certified Enterprise Architect (CEA) professional designation and certificate from the International Enterprise Architecture Institute http://www.internationaleainstitute.org.


Upon completion of the Enterprise Architecture Advanced Concepts course, students will be able to: 

  • Describe critical success factors for EA programs 
  • Identify essential elements of an EA statement of work for contractor support 
  • Understand how to set-up an EA project work breakdown structure 
  • Understand how to set-up an EA training plan 


Executives, managers, and staff in public and private sector organizations who want to gain an understanding of how to establish an EA program, update existing architectures, do specific projects, grow EA teams, and use the architecture to support planning and decision-making.

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  • Module 1: EA Concepts and Practices Review 
  • Module 2: Measuring EA Value 
  • Module 3: Contracting for EA Services 
  • Module 4: Discussion and Workshop - EA Statement of Work 
  • Module 5: Performance Measurement 
  • Module 6: Discussion and Workshop - EA Program Oversight 
  • Module 7: EA Budget, Business Case, and Schedule 
  • Module 8: EA Transition and Management Plan 
  • Module 9: Using EA for Planning and Decision-Making 
  • Module 10: EA Customer Relationship Management 
  • Module 11: EA Program Maturity and Auditing 
  • Module 12: Discussion: EA Audit Methodology


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