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SSA0VN- IBM XIV Technical Training

This course is designed to present the IBM XIV Storage System, including its hardware components, and the cabling concept.

This course also provides information on how to prepare, install, configure and initialize the IBM XIV Storage System. It describes the steps to follow for the configuration of an IBM XIV Storage system, and provide information about setting up, installing, configuring and working with the three features that assist with copy services: Snapshot, Volume Copy, and the Remote Mirror.
This course describe the specifications, features and components for the Servers Operating Systems that can be associated to the IBM XIV Storage System.

  • Install and configure an IBM XIV Storage Subsystem.
  • Manage logical drive received from the IBM XIV Storage System to an Host Server.
  • Configure and manage all possibilities in term of IBM XIV Copy Services.

This intermediate course is for anyone interested in the planning, installation, configuration and management of the IBM XIV Storage System.

You should have an understanding of the concepts and terms used to deploy a Storage Area Network (SAN) and the iSCSI protocol

  1. Unit 1. IBM XIV Storage System
  2. Unit 2. IBM XIV Administration
  3. Unit 3. Implementation and Configuration
  4. Unit 4. Host Systems Attachment and Mappings using FCP
  5. Unit 5. Host Systems Attachment and Mapping using iSCSI
  6. Unit 6. Copy Services
  7. Exercise 1. IBM XIV Storage Management -Installation
  8. Exercise 2. IBM XIV Storage Management -Storage Configuration
  9. Exercise 3. Host definition and Mappings -Attaching a Windows Server
  10. Exercise 4. Host definition and Mappings -Attaching an AIX Server
  11. Exercise 5. Host definition and Mappings -Attaching a Linux Server
  12. Exercise 6. IBM XIV Configuration -Monitoring
  13. Exercise 7. IBM XIV Copy Services -Snapshots
  14. Exercise 8. IBM XIV Copy Services -Remote Mirror
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