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SSF0VN- IBM DS8000 Implementation Workshop for Open Systems

Learn about the DS8000 storage subsystem and its hardware components and logical structure for Open Systems hosts. You will configure hosts and Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) for the DS8000 storage subsystem using a DS8000 Storage Manager Graphical User Interface (GUI) and review the DS Command-Line Interface (DSCLI) interface for scripting configuration functions. Configuration can be handled online or offline, with import and export capabilities for configuration files created in the offline configuration simulator. This course will introduce the DS8000 and its hardware components and teach you the process of configuring the subsystem using the DS8000 GUI or DSCLI interfaces.

The labs exercises for this course are performed using remote access to IBM servers.

  • Describe the DS8000 models and features
  • Use the DS, CLI, and GUI interfaces
  • List the steps required to configure the DS8000 for Open Systems environment

This intermediate course is for System administrators and technical persons that need to install a DS8000 in their environment.

  • You should have An understanding of Open Systems operating systems
  • You should attend: Introduction to Storage Area Networks (SN700)

1. Day 1

  • Unit 1: IBM DS family, DS8000 overview
  • Unit 2: Architecture and hardware overview
  • Unit 3: Virtualization concepts
  • Unit 4: DS team line interface
  • Unit 5: IBM System Storage Productivity Center


2. Day 2

  • Unit 6: DS graphical user interface
  • Unit 7: Host system attachment
  • Lab session


3. Day 3

  • Lab session


4. Day 4

  • Unit 8: Performance and tuning
  • Unit 9: Copy Services
  • Unit 10: Advanced topics
  • Unit 11: Summary
  • Lab session
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