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VMware vCenter Configuration Manager for Virtual Infrastructure Management (v5.x)

In this hands-on course, you will build your skills with VMware® vCenter Configuration Manager™. You will gain the knowledge and skills to install and configure vCenter Configuration Manager, navigate the user interface, manage compliance, and perform administrative and configuration tasks against your virtual infrastructure.

  • Position of vCenter Configuration Manager in the VMware management solution set
  • Role of vCenter Configuration Manager in enterprise configuration and change and compliance management.
  • Use the vCenter Configuration Manager console to configure vCenter Configuration Manager for management of VMware vSphere® systems
  • Navigate the vCenter Configuration Manager console
  • Collect data from vSphere systems from the vCenter Configuration Manager console
  • Manage vSphere system compliance with vCenter Configuration Manager
  • Generate reports in vCenter Configuration Manage.
  • Create custom reports in the vCenter Configuration Manager console
  • Perform vCenter Configuration Manager administration tasks to manage its setup and collection of data, user access, jobs, and alerts
  • Installation options for vCenter Configuration Manager and perform a basic installation
  • Changes in the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite™, including new products and packaging in a high-level overview
  • Use case for the new integration with VMware vCenter Operations Manager™ to maintain a compliant infrastructure
  • Improvements in change log and report management
  • Virtual infrastructure administrator
  • IT managers
  • Experience in performing basic administration tasks on VMware ESXi™ hosts, VMware vCenter Server™, VMware vCloud Director®, VMware vShield™, and virtual machines
  • System administration experience in a Windows, Linux, or Solaris environment

1. Configuration, Compliance, and Change Management

  • vCenter Configuration Manager and its position in the VMware management solution set
  • Common challenges that customers face in IT configuration, compliance, and change management
  • Key features of vCenter Configuration Manager and how they benefit IT departments managing configuration, compliance, and change


2. Components and Processes

  • System architecture
  • CARMA concept
  • Database
  • Collector
  • Processes


3. Configuration for Virtual Infrastructure Systems

  • Identifying and using vCenter Configuration Manageruser interface components
  • Configuring management agents
  • Adding and configuring settings for vCenter Server, vCloud Director, and vShield systems
  • Licensing vSphere systems
  • Collecting data from vSphere systems
  • Managing certificates
  • Setting up an alternative Managing Agent machine


4. Using the Upper Console

  • Viewing dashboards
  • Viewing and managing alerts
  • Change management in the virtual infrastructure
  • Using the Virtual Infrastructure node


5. VMware vSphere System Compliance Management

  • Compliance analysis
  • Creating a rule group
  • Creating a rule group filter
  • Creating a rule group compliance condition
  • Creating and run a compliance template


6. Working with Reports

  • vSphere system-related reports available in vCenter Configuration Manager
  • Generating custom reports with the Report wizard
  • Managing reports


7. Basic Settings and Configuration

  • General settings
  • Configuring settings for integration with vCenter Operations Manager and the vCenter Configuration Manager plug-in in VMware vSphere® Client™
  • Configuring virtualization settings


8. Creating Collection Filters

  • Creating collection filter sets and collection filter set groups


9. User and Role Management

  • vCenter Configuration Manager access controlled by access rules and roles
  • Creating access rules and using them in a role
  • Managing access rules and roles
  • Adding and manage vCenter Configuration Manager logins


10. Job Management

  • Function of Job Manager
  • Viewing a running job
  • Adding a job
  • Scheduling a job
  • Editing a job


11. Alert Management

  • Adding an alert rule
  • Entering an alert configuration


12. Using the Content Wizard

  • Content Wizard
  • Importing and using imported templates


13. Using the Import/Export Utility

  • Import/Export utility
  • Where the Import/Export utility is used


14. Using the Debug Event Viewer

  • Debug Event Viewer
  • Filtering events


15. Installing VMware vCenter Configuration Manager

  • Prerequisites
  • Architecture (single-tier or multitier)
  • Installation
  • Meeting pre-installation requirements
  • Installing vCenter Operations Manager
  • Configuring vCenter Configuration Manager to gather data from its environment
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