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WM101VN- Technical Introduction To IBM WebSphere MQ

An updated version of this course is available. For more information, click Technical Introduction to IBM MQ (WM102)

This 1-day instructor-led course is a technical overview of IBM WebSphere MQ. It provides a conceptual understanding of messaging and queuing as implemented by IBM WebSphere MQ.

IBM WebSphere MQ delivers reliable application integration for applications and web services, allowing users to fully leverage existing software and hardware investments. Through a series of lectures, students learn how IBM WebSphere MQ provides a messaging backbone for deploying an enterprise service bus (ESB) as the connectivity layer of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The course also explains how IBM WebSphere MQ responsibilities can include the management of topic-based publish/subscription information.

There are no lab exercises in this course; students confirm their learning through checkpoint questions.

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  • Compare IBM WebSphere MQ with other forms of program-to-program communication
  • Identify the impact WebSphere MQ can have on application design
  • Describe the basic components and structure of IBM WebSphere MQ
  • Describe the function of each of the calls in the Message Queue Interface
  • Describe the tasks that must be performed to manage a queue manager and its connections with:
  • Other queue managers
  • WebSphere MQ client applications
  • Describe the transactional support within the IBM WebSphere MQ product
  • Describe the features of IBM WebSphere MQ that contribute to system security
  • Explain how IBM WebSphere MQ can be used as part of the communications infrastructure to:
  • Connect application environments, such as the World Wide Web, enterprise transaction systems, and database systems
  • Manage the dissemination of publisher information to appropriate subscribers

This basic course is designed for system administrators, application developers, and technical sales and marketing professionals.

Students should have experience working with software. Skills and experience in one or more of the following specific areas enable students to derive more benefit from the course:

  • Communications and networking
  • System and network management
  • System design
  • Application development
  • Transaction processing
  • Database management
  • Client/server solutions
  • Platform knowledge (IBM and non-IBM)
  • Open systems
  1. Course introduction
  2. Introduction to WebSphere MQ
  3. Programming with WebSphere MQ
  4. Messages: additional information
  5. Intercommunication
  6. System administration
  7. Transactional support
  8. Security
  9. Linking, bridging, and the WebSphere MQ family
  10. Course summary
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